Drosi Bikes built on an idea that was dreamt up whilst it's founders, Beth and Robin, were cycling from Wales to Istanbul (and back again). 

Hours, days, weeks and months in the saddle does something funny to your brain. We came back from the trip convinced that cycling was the answer to all of life's problems and that if we could convince every last one of you to choose a bike not a car we'd be well on our way to saving the planet. Easy, right?!

A little bit older and a tiny little bit wiser we now admit that saving the whole world might be ambitious. We're not pretending to be experts in hovercrafts, bi-planes or rockets - we don't know a thing about these. What we do know a thing or two about is design, community development, bike mechanics and of course the huge benefits that cycling can bring to ourselves, our communities and the world we live in. 


We've made it our mission to help other people benefit from the joys that cycling can bring. 

we believe IN


Making bikes and electric bikes more accessible will increase the number of people on two wheels, reducing our carbon footprints and creating communities that are safer, more cohesive and full of healthy, happy individuals


Reusing, refurbishing and converting existing bikes will reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill. (Did you know that around 15million bikes are discarded each year. That’s a lot of waste!)


Running structured maintenance and cycle training courses and offering a supported drop-in workshop with tools for people to fix their own bikes (coming soon!) will create an inclusive cycle culture in the local community, enabling anyone, regardless of their background to join the cycle revolution!

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...need we say more?!