We have a range of converted e-bikes waiting for a new home!

(We're currently sold out, but keep an eye on our facebook page for new releases).


Our ambition is to reduce waste going to landfill and not create more which is why Drosi Bikes are all built using second hand frames and parts where possible.


All Drosi bikes are bespoke, fun (and sometimes quirky). We are in the process of building the bikes so keep your eyes peeled for any new releases. We guarantee that all of our bikes are fully functional, safe and built with skill and expertise. The costs of the bikes vary depending on the condition of the bike, but refurbished bikes will start from £30, and for a pre-converted electric bike (includes the price of the bike) prices will start from as little as £755.

To find out more about converting an existing bike, check out our e-bike conversions page.


Get in touch to find out more about bikes and e-bikes we have available hello@drosibikes.org.

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